Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SharePoint 2010 - Improved Top

With the release of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has put the product in the year 2010 to their customers. After the completion and implementation of SharePoint 2007, Microsoft had thousands of companies to improve the next version, since all parts in SharePoint 2007 have met the expectations created by their marketing department. With SharePoint 2010 (formerly known as SharePoint 14) Microsoft provides a considerable upgrade of the product with many new and enhanced features.

SharePoint 2010 comes in different versions. SharePoint Foundation (formerly known as Windows SharePoint Services - WSS) and SharePoint Server (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - MOSS) is renamed, but still the same as the difference between free and paid (server) edition. The server edition is available in Standard Edition or Enterprise and the (new) as compared to publishing Web sites.

With the new version of hardware and software, has changed. So now you can install SharePoint 2010 on 64 bit hardware with 64-bit and 64-bit operating systems and SQL Server 2005 or 2008. The implementation of SharePoint 2010 on new hardware with the new Windows Server 2008-OS is not really a problem, but the upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to Windows Server 2003 requires more time and resources.

When it comes to features SharePoint Server 2010 search or quick search to be mentioned. Research is now more scalable because you can use multiple servers to index the content that has not been possible in previous versions of SharePoint. In addition, you can use generic search and faceted browsing. With a new engine, including enhanced capabilities such as a pipeline of content processing, metadata extraction, visual search and advanced linguistics, you now have a better search experience with SharePoint 2010.

Be true for the use of reporting and registration is not something you would expect from the product of society, such as SharePoint 2007. When a new version becomes the new database is designed to support the use of reporting and recording. You have more information that could be treated in a way that you can use this information to optimize your site, or get information on how to use wireless users.

Have you ever met a SharePoint 2007 power user? Maybe not so much because SharePoint 2007 is required for a relatively high level of technical expertise. SharePoint 2010, you can now use standard tools like Visio to collaborate with colleagues, or create workflows. E 'can also view Visio diagrams in a browser (without the client application itself).

Speaking of enhanced collaboration features, you can now tag and rate content. You know social networking, but in an intranet by using SharePoint Server 2010 search results page is now created using scoring and marking. Content that has the right tags and a high score is most likely to be found and used. In addition, you can use a better editor to create content and blogs and wikis, to store or publish them.

SharePoint 2010 now supports a group of browser like Firefox. With XHTML 1.0 compliance and improving accessibility now, it's now more patch for Internet Explorer. By the way Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported.

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