Sunday, April 10, 2011

Benefits Of Programming ASP Dot Net Over Java

On the one hand, Java has been used to make effective web development and secondly, ASP.Net allows programmers to create dynamic websites, web services and applications. But the issue is between the two which is better?

Both do not have any real comparison. Java is a computer language, where as ASP.Net is a web technology for generating web content. However, the biggest difference between the two is the basic philosophy behind the languages. Java is a programming language designed to be run on many different platforms, and so uses a common language which has to be compiled and run on different platforms (example: Windows, Mac and Linux). Microsoft, with their offering of ASP.Net, takes on a different approach, by allowing you to program in any language you choose, but has compilers for many different languages that generates a platform specific code (i.e. Microsoft or Windows)

Java to write programs for many different operating systems, and ASP.Net can be done in any programming language in the Windows program. This is all based on original design goals of the programming language, and has advantages and disadvantages over each other. Otherwise both are object-oriented programming language, their obvious differences in syntax.

It is to also important for us to know the advantages of ASP.Net programming over Java. One advantage is that you are not stuck with one language -a multi-language solution is easier to provide than with a java platform - you have the flexibility, for example, to libraries that were written in a different language from the one you are using. From my point of view, this is a theoretical advantage. It may also be an actual advantage, but you'll need someone with extensive experience to say for sure.

Another advantage is that it has the Visual Studio. Java main advantage is that you have the choice of third-party tools. Today, traditional business have emerged fully ecommerce business have great utility in the business sector. E-commerce solution for online auctions, online stores, classified ads, offers E, meetings, job boards, social networks and entertainment sites are created with the help of this program.

It is especially used for web designing whereas Java is used for designing both thick client windows desktop applications as well as wed applications. It is language independent. One might go on to suggest that the Java is "language independent" in the same way as ASP.Net is - however, the only difference is that it is not marketed as such i.e. there is no technical constraint that prevents this from occurring.

In this article, I am Sn reddy have clearly stated my thoughts when these two programming languages. Java and ASP dot net there is no real comparison, but certain advantages for ASP Dot Net Java demanding a solution for web developers.


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