Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Problems and Errors

I used SharePoint to manage my documents. Microsoft recently launched the SharePoint 2010. It has good features and exceptional. Microsoft has added new features, making installation easy. For ex. if you try to install SharePoint 2007, you must install several prerequisites before installing SharePoint 2007, but in the case of 2010, they have an installation program prior to automatically download and install all the prerequisites. Microsoft has tried their best to make a good product and in general they managed to do it, but as always, the product is released with many bugs as well.

I came across an error when installing strange conditions of SharePoint 2010. During installation, it has been downloaded assumptions, and I was surprised by strange errors. The total number of downloads of prerequisites was 24.59 MB. It took 30 minutes to reach this limit, and I hoped it would move to the next step. To my surprise, he kept on downloading and the counter began showing 24.59 of 25 MB downloaded. Although the counting time and the number of percentage shown 00:00:00 by remaining time and completed to 100%, respectively. The count went to the beat 36.9 MB 24.59 MB and then the next step. I think Microsoft can solve in the future

The product should be tested and many other mistakes or errors will be revealed. This is one of the errors I found while many experts have found numerous errors in the 2010 version of SharePoint recently.

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