Saturday, November 13, 2010

How do I create a site for SharePoint sites

Go to the SharePoint site main Page and look for Site Actions (located towards the top right corner)

1.Title and Description:
Provide a Title and description for your site

2.Web Site Address :
Use your projects or groups name in the URL part for easy Identification.

3.Template Selection :
Select a Template that suites your needs.

4.Permissions :
For the Permissions part, if you are not the main sites administrator and would like to control the access to this site choose “Use unique permissions”

5.Navigation Inheritance :

It is Safe to leave the default’s for this setting.

6.Site Categories :
Place a check mark beside “List this new site in the directory”

Choose the Appropriate Division and region where applicable.

7.Click on Create Button to Create the site.

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