Friday, September 3, 2010

How to enable Sql server Authenticaton in Sql server

Usually, when you install SQL Server, select the option to use Windows Authentication mode to connect to SQL Server. But for some scenarios we need for a user authentication to access SQL Server databases. How to change? Here are the steps to enable SQL Server Authentication to SQL Server.
1 Log in to SQL Server using Windows authentication.
2. Right click on the server (name of your SQL server), select Properties.
3. In section, select a page, select Security and Authentication section select the
radio buttonserver SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode, and click OK.
4. After the changes saved, then go to security - users - add a user for SQL
5. He needs to reboot the server to reflect the changes.

HCL Ezeebee XP Z999

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to remove the Squid proxy cache, Windows

For certain directions due to clear the proxy cache Squid (Windows) seems difficult to find online, so I thought I would send them here. Hope this helps someone:
1. Run MMC and load the Services snap, kill the process of squid.

2 Clear Squid cache directory (eg C: \ squid VARS \ \ Cache \).

3 Run-Squid parameter z to reconstruct the structure of the cache folder (eg C: \
squid \ sbin \ squid.exe-z).

4 Click the Services MMC snap-in, restart the squid service.