Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Search Capabilities of SharePoint

I was really wondering about the new search features in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Is it really different from what is included in 2007? Well the answer is yes, or I think. Let me explain in detail.

First, SharePoint Search, you can get data of all types to both structured and unstructured. Structured data is your SQL Server objects and unstructured are your videos, pictures, etc. New in SharePoint 2010 are wikis and blogs. Yes, you guessed it! There are also stored in the SharePoint search.

Second, research can also be used as a people search. What I mean by that? Well, is John of the organization is a project manager. Wants to launch a project to its website for the customer. His first task is to find a designer. How will you do? Well, just go in search of SharePoint Designer and graph, what would the title of Kim. Perfect! He obtained his contact information and the arrow, the project is up and ready to go.

Thirdly, research is really smart. The organization's data can sometimes be very difficult to find. You have to go through tapes of the records. SharePoint search is actually smart enough to filter it. Using visual cues, which may allow users to see through many folders to individual files. You can then use these data files as needed.

SharePoint is really to help the organization function more efficiently. Using the enterprise search from your side, you can always get exactly what you want. Sometimes you may need a file and other times you may need a real person. Whatever your need is, the search is probably the answer.

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