Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates to SQL Server SecuritySeparating schemas and users :

Microsoft has a whole new approach to security. In their own words: "We will reconsider our approach to security We will examine our code of vulnerabilities, we will release patches if necessary, we will disable most features by default to keep the low profile, if you need some ,.... thing turn it on. But if you do not need it, leave it sealed. This way, if vulnerability is discovered in a product that you do not, you will not be affected. "

Latest SQL servers have come with many additional security features of these features not only the database more secure, but also more comprehensible and easier to administer. Database applications can be developed by programmers, while operating privileges exact requirements, with new features added. This feature is called "principle of least privilege." A programmer is no longer necessary to function as an SA (system administrator) or DBA (Database Administrator).

Some key features have been added in the latest server version is:

Security for.NET

Combination of different SQL Server permissions. NET code security and privileges of Windows can be managed and run code the.NET. 3 different levels are used to decide which code can or cannot do outside and the inside of SQL Server.

The Password policies for the users of SQL Server : If you run SQL Server on a Windows 2003 Server and users are allowed to go through similar policies for integrated safety users.

To Map a SQL Server user to Windows credentials: Users of SQL Server have permission to use the Windows credentials when accessing external resources such as network shares and files.

Separating schemas and users : Schemas in SQL Server refer to the first-class objects that can be owned by a user, group, application roles or function. The fact that the definition of synonyms is allowed be it much easier to manage

Permissions grant : No need to login or users with certain roles to certain rights, are all granite table with the revocation to prohibit the grant, and verbs

Fresh security on the Server's metadata : You can not directly update the new metadata views, and only if a user has permissions to some metadata about individual objects, cannot list them.

Support of encryption keys and certificates : The latest security features allows the server to manage encryption keys and certificates, for use with Web Services SSL, with Service Broker, for new data encryption, and with code authentication.

The above are some of the many new security features in SQL join. But it will help give an idea of how Microsoft has tried to work hard to fix any shortcomings in earlier versions of SQL Server and how they did it much more secure than previous versions of this server.


Friday, February 18, 2011

ASP Programming Is Most Demanding Solution for Web Development Why?

Net ASP programming point used for developing dynamic web site development. Net ASP is a scripting language and a framework for web application. Net ASP programming is also useful in activities such as models, database management, frameworks, access to databases and other activities. As there are software programs available, but if we make a comparative analysis of the ASP programming Net programming is the most appropriate, affordable and safe for development. We can use different types of facilities.

ASP Dot Net development / programming is used for manufacturing various types of web applications. It can be used to develop software development of.NET and.NET desktop. This program is widely used in developing the variety of mobile applications for phone, Blackberry, etc. You can also support the migration of web applications and desktop to.NET ASP.Net AJAX / Atlas permission Web applications. Net ASP Programming is very useful in recruiting solutions. Provides shopping cart integration with various payment gateways. Also provides for the settlement of Hotel / Restaurant Management. This server provides database solutions for SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

ASP Dot Net development / programming has a very wide range of application development and web solution. It provides crystal-2008-Reporting. With a wide and extensive use in developing business to business (B2B) and business development for the application client (B2C) became the sponsor of choice.

Today, traditional business has emerged in business e-commerce ASP Dot Net development / programming has great value in the business sector. E-commerce solution for online auctions, online stores, classified ads, offers E, meetings, job boards, social networks and entertainment sites are created with the help of this dynamic programming. This application also provides options for many jobs.

This is one of a safe and secure platform for security, even if it is at the level of corporate data is to manage and store are using an ASP dot net development / programming. So you can rest assure that the programming and can sit comfortably and easily.


Programming ASP Net - Need for the Proposed Development and Changes

Tough ASP is not a programming language, but it is technology that is used to make development of web applications. Today, ASP net programming has become so famous because of its immense application and because of the amazing flexibility it has received, and this framework have been the first choice of contractors and developers themselves and play a major role in strengthening society. This technology is very useful for the company, employees, clients, customers and partners through the Internet.

Here are some list of preferred ASP dot network services are:

Asp.Net designing and developing
Creating B2B and B2C portal
E-commerce solutions
Web application development
Enhancement of existing application in. NET
Customization of existing application in. NET
Portal development

There are some other services which has got important web development services as well:

Programming service
Website Development service
Custom ASP Dot NET Development
Application Development

Net ASP point is very useful in activities such as design, database management and data access, etc. There are some other advantages of the ASP Dot Net programming, so the incredible platform for growth. Net ASP provides the most flexible platform to develop different applications and can download the entire dictionary to this.

ASP NET reduces development of codes so that it is fairly easy to develop, operates, and works of this great forum. Assuming programmers to develop outsourcing experienced developers in the country is highly recommended because it gives you high quality results as well as engaging and convenience with the lowest interest rate.

So the ASP network is the most fabulous platform if development is to support developers and professionals with a good company and reported.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Search Capabilities of SharePoint

I was really wondering about the new search features in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Is it really different from what is included in 2007? Well the answer is yes, or I think. Let me explain in detail.

First, SharePoint Search, you can get data of all types to both structured and unstructured. Structured data is your SQL Server objects and unstructured are your videos, pictures, etc. New in SharePoint 2010 are wikis and blogs. Yes, you guessed it! There are also stored in the SharePoint search.

Second, research can also be used as a people search. What I mean by that? Well, is John of the organization is a project manager. Wants to launch a project to its website for the customer. His first task is to find a designer. How will you do? Well, just go in search of SharePoint Designer and graph, what would the title of Kim. Perfect! He obtained his contact information and the arrow, the project is up and ready to go.

Thirdly, research is really smart. The organization's data can sometimes be very difficult to find. You have to go through tapes of the records. SharePoint search is actually smart enough to filter it. Using visual cues, which may allow users to see through many folders to individual files. You can then use these data files as needed.

SharePoint is really to help the organization function more efficiently. Using the enterprise search from your side, you can always get exactly what you want. Sometimes you may need a file and other times you may need a real person. Whatever your need is, the search is probably the answer.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Problems and Errors

I used SharePoint to manage my documents. Microsoft recently launched the SharePoint 2010. It has good features and exceptional. Microsoft has added new features, making installation easy. For ex. if you try to install SharePoint 2007, you must install several prerequisites before installing SharePoint 2007, but in the case of 2010, they have an installation program prior to automatically download and install all the prerequisites. Microsoft has tried their best to make a good product and in general they managed to do it, but as always, the product is released with many bugs as well.

I came across an error when installing strange conditions of SharePoint 2010. During installation, it has been downloaded assumptions, and I was surprised by strange errors. The total number of downloads of prerequisites was 24.59 MB. It took 30 minutes to reach this limit, and I hoped it would move to the next step. To my surprise, he kept on downloading and the counter began showing 24.59 of 25 MB downloaded. Although the counting time and the number of percentage shown 00:00:00 by remaining time and completed to 100%, respectively. The count went to the beat 36.9 MB 24.59 MB and then the next step. I think Microsoft can solve in the future

The product should be tested and many other mistakes or errors will be revealed. This is one of the errors I found while many experts have found numerous errors in the 2010 version of SharePoint recently.


SharePoint 2010 - Improved Top

With the release of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has put the product in the year 2010 to their customers. After the completion and implementation of SharePoint 2007, Microsoft had thousands of companies to improve the next version, since all parts in SharePoint 2007 have met the expectations created by their marketing department. With SharePoint 2010 (formerly known as SharePoint 14) Microsoft provides a considerable upgrade of the product with many new and enhanced features.

SharePoint 2010 comes in different versions. SharePoint Foundation (formerly known as Windows SharePoint Services - WSS) and SharePoint Server (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - MOSS) is renamed, but still the same as the difference between free and paid (server) edition. The server edition is available in Standard Edition or Enterprise and the (new) as compared to publishing Web sites.

With the new version of hardware and software, has changed. So now you can install SharePoint 2010 on 64 bit hardware with 64-bit and 64-bit operating systems and SQL Server 2005 or 2008. The implementation of SharePoint 2010 on new hardware with the new Windows Server 2008-OS is not really a problem, but the upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to Windows Server 2003 requires more time and resources.

When it comes to features SharePoint Server 2010 search or quick search to be mentioned. Research is now more scalable because you can use multiple servers to index the content that has not been possible in previous versions of SharePoint. In addition, you can use generic search and faceted browsing. With a new engine, including enhanced capabilities such as a pipeline of content processing, metadata extraction, visual search and advanced linguistics, you now have a better search experience with SharePoint 2010.

Be true for the use of reporting and registration is not something you would expect from the product of society, such as SharePoint 2007. When a new version becomes the new database is designed to support the use of reporting and recording. You have more information that could be treated in a way that you can use this information to optimize your site, or get information on how to use wireless users.

Have you ever met a SharePoint 2007 power user? Maybe not so much because SharePoint 2007 is required for a relatively high level of technical expertise. SharePoint 2010, you can now use standard tools like Visio to collaborate with colleagues, or create workflows. E 'can also view Visio diagrams in a browser (without the client application itself).

Speaking of enhanced collaboration features, you can now tag and rate content. You know social networking, but in an intranet by using SharePoint Server 2010 search results page is now created using scoring and marking. Content that has the right tags and a high score is most likely to be found and used. In addition, you can use a better editor to create content and blogs and wikis, to store or publish them.

SharePoint 2010 now supports a group of browser like Firefox. With XHTML 1.0 compliance and improving accessibility now, it's now more patch for Internet Explorer. By the way Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported.