Friday, September 3, 2010

HCL Ezeebee XP Z999

HCL Ezeebee XP Z999 desktop also features advanced 6-channel audio built into the motherboard of the Intel 945GM chipset, which allows the system to produce the sound is, in six different channels. 2 front, 2 rear, subwoofer and center speaker in a speaker system.But atmosphere to use 6 channels correctly a user would have to configure a complete set of 5.1 speaker system with 2 +2 +1 + central speaker units. A conventional two-speaker system do not allow the use of the 5.1 audio hardware.Windows Vista preinstalled HCL Ezeebee XP Z999 desktop PC offers ATX SMPS Cabinet, 1.44 FDD, S-Video TV output, IEEE 1394, 2 USB ports and comes with standard multimedia keyboard, optical mouse, Octa-X Headphone cum Mic and 2.1 ATP3 Altec Lansing stereo speakers with subwoofer.

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